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New building or secondary housing?

The main part of the real estate fund in Italy is secondary housing. The country has severe restrictions on the construction of new homes, therefore,

buying luxury properties (1)

The main focus of the European buyers has traditionally been the luxury real estate in Milan and Rome. Notably, “the capital of shopping” is only

Tuscany is one of the most popular destinations and therefore one of the regions with the highest prices. Tuscany is rich in positive elements: excellent


A variety of homes for sale in Italian cities today is at the fastest pace, there are many offers on the market, different in typology

Coastal properties near Rome

Rome may be a dream location but what makes it even more alluring is the short time it takes to get to Italy’s most beautiful

Regarding the choice of areas, there is a variety of neighborhoods for everyone’s specific taste and requirements. While the average cost per square meter is

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